Tim Hass and Beth Egbert play the world's first couple in Theatre of Dare's production of "Mark Twain's Diaries of Adam and Eve", playing at the Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island May 8, 9, 15 & 16.


Live Performances Return to the Outer Banks in 'Adam & Eve'

Elizabethan Gardens become a 'Garden of Eden' for Theatre of Dare


Theatre of Dare is wrapping up its COVID-altered 30th season with another first for the community theatre group: outdoor performances of The Diaries of Adam & Eve at the Elizabethan Gardens in May.


It will be the group’s first live audience since Mame closed on March 1, 2020.


“Vaccinated cast and crew, limited outdoor seating, and a beautiful ‘Garden of Eden’ setting,” said director Tyler Hudson. “It’s actually the perfect production and perfect place for us to get back to live theatre.”


The play was taken from a series of short stories Twain wrote in 1904 and 1905, wittily chronicling the Biblical couple’s meeting, verbal sparring, and falling in love both before and after the Garden’s fall. Actor David Birney adapted and edited the diaries into a two-person play that premiered on the PBS series American Playhouse in 1989.


“It has everything you would expect from Mark Twain,” says Beth Egbert, who takes on the role of the inquisitive and talkative Eve. “It’s funny, it’s charming, and it’s deeply moving. I think the audience will enjoy his unique take on the world’s first love story.”


Theatre of Dare actually scheduled this play before the COVID pandemic hit, teaming up with Elizabethan Gardens to present an outdoor performance in a beautiful springtime setting. However, with the virus still an issue, the community theatre group will only be selling 50 tickets per performance. Chairs will be available, but audience members may also bring a blanket to sit on the lawn. Elizabethan gardens will be providing refreshments for sale before the show and during intermission.


“It’s a fitting re-start to live theatre on the Outer Banks… a ‘re-Genesis’, if you will,” says Tim Hass, who plays Adam.


“Just pray for good weather.”