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Four Actors Sought for Southern-Fried Revenge Comedy

Exit Auditions Promo Final.jpg

KITTY HAWK – Four meaty roles, an actor duct taped to a chair… and karaoke! It’s all part of Theatre of Dare’s upcoming play Exit, Pursued by a Bear, which will be holding open auditions at the theater in Kitty Hawk Oct. 11 and 12 at 7 p.m. Two men and two women will be cast for the production slated to run in late January.

“These are four fun, fantastic roles,” said director Tim Hass. “This show deals with a serious issue in a darkly comic way, so it’s an opportunity for the cast to really stretch their acting chops.”

In the play, whose title comes from a bizarre Shakespearean stage direction, Nan Carter has finally had enough of her abusive husband Kyle and has decided to teach him a lesson. With the help of two friends, she tapes Kyle to a chair in their north Georgia cabin and forces him to watch as they reenact scenes from their painful past. When that’s done, they plan to cover the room in honey and thawing deer meat so that Kyle will be mauled by a bear.

All four actors should be able to play in their 20s or 30s and be able to carry a realistic Southern accent. Those auditioning will be asked to perform some or all of their character’s monologue and do some scene reading from the show.

People interested in auditioning can get more information by logging onto The Theatre of Dare production of Exit, Pursued by a Bear will be performed January 20-29 in Kitty Hawk.

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