Christmas Show Full.jpg

The Very Merry Xmas Carol

Holiday Adventure Show

Directed by Gail Hutchison

Presented December 7-16, 2018





Narrator: Allison Nunemater
Ebenezer Scrooge: Steven Devaney
Fred: Cameron Bayne
Bob Cratchit: Debrorah Edlund
Bob Marley: Meara Clare Land
Jacob Marley: Jenna Moxley
Frosty the Snowman: Bert Plante
The Big Tree: Donna Parker
Rudolph T.R.N. Reindeer: Daniel Ziegler
The Drummer Boy: Cory Harris
Alfred Broombucket: Eli Hannon
Pa Broombucket: Tim Hass
Christmas Man: Don Bridge
Lord Candy Kane: Betsy Head
The Ghost of Christmas Future: Lara E. Parks