Life Goes On

Directed by Janelle Parrish

Assistant Director: Helen Cocke

Presented March 2004




Bill Fenner - Melvin, a good old boy
Will Gregg - Attorney Ward
Jennifer Phillips - Tillie, court reporter
Dorothy Hager - Bee, employed by the court, dedicated & loyal supporter
Mike Hunter - Mayor
Pat Webster - Harriet, wife of Judge Smith
Jerry Maloney - Roger, owner of local funeral parlor
Rachel Webb - Attorney Stallings
Becky Shinn - A Complainant
Bruce Spalding - Alfred Pickles, government employee
Bettylea Kelly - Ann Witherspoon, close friend of Harriet
Bill Brobst - Dr. Herb Witherspoon, lifelong friend of Judge Smith
Harry Herzer - Judge George Smith
Sheila Diehm - Nelly Norris, wife of Roger
John Maloney - Judge Hacker
Charles Winstead - A News Reporter
Jonta Charrier - A TV News Reporter
Susan Maloney - A News Reporter
Jackie Stefan - A TV News Reporter
Donnie Johnson - A News Reporter