New Production Proposals









Is there a play or musical you've always wanted to see Theatre of Dare produce? Well, we're always looking for great ideas for new productions for upcoming seasons, and we'd love to hear from you!


The Theatre of Dare Board of Directors chooses productions for upcoming seasons around the first of every year. We're looking for a variety of productions that we can realistically cast, stage, and pay for within our community. Some of the things we take into consideration are:


1) Set Requirements: We are adapting well to our new reality of producing shows on borrowed stages. We can do a lot with moving flats and lighting, but if a show needs a turntable set, two stories, or a lot of "bells and whistles" to be staged properly, it might not work for Theatre of Dare. Keep in mind that our current venues are: 1) The Lost Colony's Sound Stage Theatre 2) The Dare County Arts Council, and 3) Roanoke Island Festival Park. When you think about the shows you want to propose, think about which of those venues those productions would work inside.


2) Casting Requirements: About 34,000 people live in Dare County year-round, but unfortunately, not all of them come to audition for our productions. While we often get great turnout at auditions for our large winter musicals, our shoulder-season production auditions (October & April) usually draw smaller turnouts as people are working more hours. We unfortunately also often struggle to draw the type of ethnic diversity we would need to put on a show such as To Kill A Mockingbird or Miss Saigon. We're working on that... but for now, we may not be able to cast shows that require large casts of specific ethnicities.  


3) Price: Many modern popular musicals (think Wicked or Mamma Mia) have show rights and music licensing fees that run into the tens of thousands of dollars. We simply can't afford them. Unless you'd like to sponsor one....


4) Subject Matter: Our audiences are a healthy mix of both conservative and progressive, and we have successfully staged shows with mild adult content in the past. However, we try to stay away from shows like Oh, Calcutta or Hedwig and the Angry Inch that might be a little too "out there" for our audiences.


So what are we looking for? A good mix. We seem to be comfortable with a five show season that runs from October to April. We usually plan on one musical. Holiday shows have been popular. We lean toward the light-hearted, with the occasional drama or thriller in there to mix it up. We've had good success with converting the upstairs courtroom at the Dare County Arts Council into a black box theatre for Tuesdays with Morrie and Almost, Maine, so we'd like to find at least one show a season with a small (2-5 person) cast and small set so we can do it again. Basically, if we can cast it, stage it, and pay for it, we're open to any show we feel our audience would enjoy.


If you have an idea for a future TOD production, please click on the button below and fill out our short form describing the show and the staging/casting requirements. Then click "submit", and your suggestion will go straight to our board members for their consideration. If you are a qualified director who'd like to be at the helm of a TOD show, make a note of it, and we'll have you come to a Board Meeting to make your pitch.


Who knows? You may see your favorite play on a Theatre of Dare stage as early as next season!