The cast of California Suite, Theatre of Dare's very first show.


  Theatre of Dare lost one of our most dearly loved members in December 2020. Actor, director, mentor, advisor, friend, and the most charming of critics, Don Bridge was a dynamic personality. He has been with us for most of our history, seeing us through the decades as one of our strongest supporters and talents. When he was with us on the stage, he was a bright beacon of character inspiring us scene after scene. And if he wasn’t directly involved in a show, he was always there checking on us, encouraging us, and guiding us.

     He was our heart.


     Theatre of Dare was family to Don Bridge, and he was ours. Our thoughts and love go out to all who have known him and shared the spotlight with him over the years. To the fans that he has touched with his renowned time upon the stage. And, most importantly, to his family and loved ones who graciously and freely shared his love, passion, and warmth with us.

     His family has requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to: