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Written by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman
Directed by Leah Cribb

Show Dates: December 2, 3, 8, 9 & 10 at 7:30 p.m.

December 4 & 11 at 2:00 p.m.

Theatre of Dare

3848 N. Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk

Sheridan Whiteside — critic, lecturer, wit, radio orator, intimate friend of the great and near great— having dined at the home of the Stanleys, slips on their doorstep and breaks his hip.  The result is a tumultuous six weeks of confinement. Possibility: "Christmas may be postponed this year." So runs the lead article in the Christmas 1939 issue of Time magazine. Whiteside turns the Stanley household upside down, forcing everyone in town to cater to his egotistical demands. Meanwhile, his essential secretary has given her notice after falling in love with a local reporter, and Whiteside must engage every weapon in his considerable arsenal of guile and manipulation to keep her in his employ—including blackmail, deceit, and the intervention of the fading sexpot actress Lorraine Sheldon and the elegant British wit of playwright Beverly Carlton. A three-ring circus of machinations and celebrity appearances ensues.


Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley - Mary A. Ross

Miss Preen - O'Anna Rose

Rose Stanley - Raegan Claire Brindley 

June Stanley - Ivy Thornburg

John - Eric William Nicholds

Sarah - Beth Egbert

Mrs. Dexter - Mary Lou Heath

Mrs. McCutcheon - Deborah Taylor

Mr. Stanley - Michael W. Campbell

Maggie Cutler - Elizabeth Wheless

Dr. Bradley - Brandy Hayes

Sheridan Whiteside - Terry Schappert 

Harriet Stanley - Alison Wurzel

Bert Jefferson - Logan Stem

Professor Metz - Bert Plante

Luncheon Guests - Elizabeth Gilson, Ash Glass, Hillary Simpson

Sandy - Nick Oprea

Lorraine Sheldon - Adara Huls

Beverly Carlton - Tim Hass

Westcott - Julia Gabitova

Radio Technician - David Morris

Radio Technician - Glenn Tolbert 

Banjo - Kevin Walker

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