Man Who Came to Dinner Auditions FB Event.png


Written by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman
Directed by Leah Cribb

Auditions: 6 p.m. September 25 at Dare Arts (Manteo)

6 p.m. September 26 at Theatre of Dare (Kitty Hawk)

First Read-Through: 6:30 p.m. Sunday, October 2 at Dare Arts (Manteo)

Show Dates: December 2, 3, 9 & 10 at 7:30 p.m.

December 4 & 11 at 2:00 p.m.

Theatre of Dare

3848 N. Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk

Sheridan Whiteside — critic, lecturer, wit, radio orator, intimate friend of the great and near great— having dined at the home of the Stanleys, slips on their doorstep and breaks his hip.  The result is a tumultuous six weeks of confinement. Possibility: "Christmas may be postponed this year." So runs the lead article in the Christmas 1939 issue of Time magazine. Whiteside turns the Stanley household upside down, forcing everyone in town to cater to his egotistical demands. Meanwhile, his essential secretary has given her notice after falling in love with a local reporter, and Whiteside must engage every weapon in his considerable arsenal of guile and manipulation to keep her in his employ—including blackmail, deceit, and the intervention of the fading sexpot actress Lorraine Sheldon and the elegant British wit of playwright Beverly Carlton. A three-ring circus of machinations and celebrity appearances ensues.

Please fill out and submit this audition form before your audition date:


Note: No advance preparation is necessary for these auditions. The auditions will consist of cold reads from the script.


SHERIDAN WHITESIDE (Male, 40s-50s): The devious, charismatic, lovable yet cantankerous Man Who Came to Dinner and never left. A critic and quick-witted orator always ready to give his opinion (consistently right, of course). Everyone adores him, almost as much as he adores himself. **This character spends the majority of the play in a wheelchair, sometimes being pushed by others.

MAGGIE CUTLER (Female, 30s): The good-humored, bold, and intelligent secretary to Mr. Whiteside. Up until this trip, her life has been dedicated to assisting Sheridan but the hopeful romantic starts to fall for a town local that threatens Sheridan’s (and inevitably her own) happiness. **This role requires many emotional levels.


MRS. ERNEST (DAISY) STANLEY (Female, Late 40s-50s): She is the wife to Ernest Stanley and mother to June and RIchard. She is a nervous, anxious and star-struck host to the unexpected long-term guest, Sheridan Whiteside. She is excited to have his company and does her best to meet his every need or accommodation to please Sheridan.

ERNEST STANLEY (Male, Late 40s-60s): Ernest is the head of the household and very annoyed with Sheridan’s demands and absurd accommodations that are pushing his family out of their own home. He is a businessman who is unable to carry out any of business with Sheridan around. While his wife, Daisy may be thrilled to have Sheridan in the house, Ernest sees right through his conning behavior and wants him out at any cost.

RICHARD STANLEY (Male, Early 20s): Richard is the son of Daisy and Ernest. He is pleasant, youthful, attractive, adventurous, and energetic. He is fascinated with Sheridan and his lifestyle to the point where he acts on the advice of Sheridan which is the opposite of what his father would have wanted him to do.

JUNE STANLEY (Female, 16-Early 20s): June is the attractive, youthful, pleasant, kind-hearted daughter of the Stanley’s. She too, is fascinated with Sheridan and takes his advice to take a romantic get away with her love interest.


BERT JEFFERSON (Male, 30s): Bert is a writer and aspiring playwright. He is personable, persistent, attractive, intelligent, outspoken, and self-assured, which are all the traits that make more than one woman start to fall for him. Bert is a decent and good young man who is madly in love with Maggie.


LORRAINE SHELDON (Female, 20s-30s): A glamorous, seductive and meddling actress who has her eyes set on fame and fortune. But when those eyes fall on Maggie’s love interest, Lorraine will do whatever it takes to win him.


BEVERLY CARLTON (Male, No Specific Age): A larger-than-life composer, playwright and actor. Very confident, very British. This charismatic and sophisticated friend stops in just long enough to see Sheridan and sing a song from his newest work. **British accent and vocal auditions will be required as this character has 1 song and piano number (mimicked). 



HARRIET STANLEY (Female, Mid 40s-60s): Harriet is the sister to Ernest. Her appearances are unreal, comical and somewhat spooky as she attempts to interact with Sheridan by giving him odd gifts and having short and strange conversations. Though she behaves shyly; she creeps out Sheridan who speaks more delicately to her than anyone else.

BANJO (Male, 30s-40s): A mischievous, goofy and wisecracking comedian. A kindhearted and good friend of Maggie and Sheridan Westside, enough to know what a pain Sheridan can actually be. **Physical comedy is appreciated and a must with this role. (***New York accent required)

DR. BRADLEY (Male, 50s+): A dense, jolly and self-proclaimed playwright whose job of looking after Sheridan results in becoming a pawn of his patient’s twisted and silly game.


MS. PREEN (Female, 30s-50s): The awkward, humorless, confused caretaker for Sheridan Whiteside. She is weary and abused, often bearing the brunt of Sheridan’s rude comments and general distain for his current situation. **This role requires moderate physical comedy, a lot of movement and pushing Sheridan’s wheelchair.


JOHN & SARAH (Married Couple, 40s-60s)):  The butler and cook for the Stanley household. They are friendly, cheerful and pleasant individuals who are overjoyed to have “The Sheridan Whiteside” in the home. Despite their employer, Mr. Stanleys’ animosity, they too are starstruck by the celebrity and are eager to please him.

SANDY (Male, 18-24): The handsome labor union organizer at Mr. Stanley's factory, thus, June's unapproved beau.

PROFESSOR METZ (40+): A scientist and insect aficionado whose visit includes an unlikely and creepy-crawly gift. (***German accent)

Other small speaking roles are available and may be double cast.