Theatre of Dare Cancels 'Unnecessary Farce'

COVID-19 concerns made rehearsing, performing impossible


Dear Friends and Theatre Goers,


There’s a saying amongst performers that "the show must go on", and at Theatre of Dare we have often taken that to heart. Our casts and crews have rehearsed and performed through tropical storms, nor’easters, winter weather, and more than their share of ‘soundside flooding’ incidents.


But it’s different this time. The danger of COVID-19 to our cast, crew, and audience is too much to risk. Therefore, it is with great sadness that we inform you that our scheduled production of UNNECESSARY FARCE, scheduled for April 17-28, has been cancelled.


The show must go on…  until it mustn’t.


This decision was not made lightly. UNNECESSARY FARCE is a wonderful, hilarious show that we were very much looking forward to performing for you. But as much as we’d like to think that laughter is the best medicine, the best medicine right now is social distancing, and we cannot with good conscience ask you to risk your health for a few hours of entertainment.


So stay safe, stay home, wash those hands, and we’ll see you on the other side of this. We have an incredible six-show lineup planned for next season and we look forward to bringing you the very best in live local community theatre beginning this fall. 


Season ticket holders, we sent you an email with details on requesting a refund. Please respond by April 10, and stay tuned for our Summer Season Ticket Sale in the coming months.


Thank you for your continued support,


Theatre of Dare Board of Directors

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